I never knew about guns (except to pull a trigger) until John Cherry taught and showed me the safety and the proper way to aim at a target. He is very patience with me and understanding, especially, my accent. I really recommended him, as a firearm concierge to my colleagues.I am a very beginner.  John had patience in explaining everything and was willing to wait for me to understand in my own words.  The time on the range with him was excellent -- answered my questions and had a great deal of patience.  I am thoroughly satisfied and comfortable going forward wherever this may take me.  

K. Kehlmeier, 10-21-13

John is a terrific teacher! He is patient, supportive, and very positive. He certainly knows his "stuff!" A pleasure to have him as an instructor. 

R. Varricchio, 7-8-14

Thank you for all the valuable info on handguns and self-defense.  Great to have an instructor sharing all his knowledge -- very informative.  

P. Tyer, 3-10-14

John is a great instructor -- very patient.  Shooting is a new and somewhat intimidating experience, but John made me feel totally at ease.  Very informative and necessary class!  

D. Means, 2-27-15

The class was outstanding.  John made it perfect. I would never consider going anywhere else!  Thank you, John.  

R. Bashaw, 3-18-15

John is a great teacher.  He made me feel very comfortable about guns and using them, and gave me information I didn't expect to learn.  I would recommend his class to anyone!

C. Larson, 7-12-15

John, thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us today.  You helped give me a much clearer direction to move in.

Best regards, D. Drew, 7-27-15

John's presentation and depth of knowledge makes this an interesting and enlightening class. He addresses any questions or concerns. His patience with novices makes this the best class for beginners. I would highly recommend his class.
Susanne J., 9-25-15

My daughter was graduating college and moving out on her own - and I had nightmares over her safety. I decided it was the perfect time for us to bond over firearms. Unfortunately, neither one of us knew anything about guns. I have to say that we could not have found a better teacher than John Cherry. He made the whole process approachable, and never once made us feel like idiots because we asked too many questions. The man has the patience of Job! Dare I say he even made the lessons fun??! We have now been thru several of John's different classes, and feel quite secure and proficient. We are looking forward to beginning the Women's self defense class next. I can't imagine learning from anyone else.
Lesa L., 8-26-15

​I had a terrible experience with a gun when I was a child. My father had died of Cancer and my mom was trying to keep the family business together in the 60's when women didn't generally run businesses. We had had some robbery attempts so a friend cleaned my dad's Lama semi automatic pistol and left a round in the chamber so she could put the clip in and start firing. Months went by and she forgot there was a round in the "unloaded" gun. We had another scare and she pulled the gun out to check it and noticed the hammer was slightly up. She decided to gently let it down!! I was in another part if the house-heard the shot!! I was 9 and knew how depressed she was and struggling with the business. I was afraid she had killed herself and afraid to go look. THANKFULLY she had aimed away from herself and the wall was the only casualty! This incident with an "unloaded" gun left me phobic and sick around guns. My family was insisting my daughter and I learn to protect ourselves. My friend told me John was the man to help us. I told John about my fear. He was understanding, professional and kind in helping me learn to safely handle a gun. I'm no sniper but I have head and heart shots down and know I can safely protect myself. Safety is his number one priority. His instructions are clear, concise. He listens to your needs and helps you choose based on your needs. He also does not have that condescending attitude that so many instructors have toward women. I have recommended John to friends in Naples and will not hesitate to do so again. Thank you John for helping me face my fear.
Carol L., 9-1-15

John breaks the course down to basic 101, where even I could understand it!!! I went in there nervous, not knowing what to expect, and came out confident in every facet of firearm control. From breaking the guns down to gun jams, John took his time and explained it to me. I would recommend John Cherry for all your Concealed needs. He is a great teacher and makes it easy for you to get it.

​Jim O., 10-1-15

John Cherry taught and showed me the safety and the proper way to aim at a target. He is very patient with me and understanding, especially my accent. I really recommended him as a firearm concierge to my colleagues.
Amy V.B., 10-10-15

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